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How to burn torrent movies to DVD to play on TV?

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"How can I burn torrent movies to DVD disc? Okay, so I downloaded The Revengers from a torrent and was wondering is there a free program I could use to convert the files to DVD format for playing on TV/Xbox? I have DVD+RW's and a Sony laptop with DVD burning capabilities. Thanks."


Well, it's pretty simple to go from torrent download to DVD as long as you have the right tool. In order to convert torrent to DVD for playback on stand-alone DVD players, you will need to authorize or finalize the DVD. There are so many programs that are able to do this and how you're gonna choose the best of them. You don't. We have tried many of them and had concluded the most reliable and easy-to-use software: DVD Flick and DVD Creator. We are going to discuss the details on how to use them respectively to burn torrent files onto DVD disc.


Method 1 Convert Torrent Movies to DVD free with DVD Flick

DVD Flick is an open source DVD authoring application for Windows developed by Dennis Meuwissen and released under the GNU General Public License. DVD Flick is capable of importing audio tracks, video files and subtitles, composing a DVD-Video movie and burning it to a disc – or creating an ISO image for later burning. Many people have been using this freeware to burn torrent DVDs. If you haven't got a chance to try it out, give it a shot today.


1. In case you didn't do this, download and install DVD Flick on your computer. (Click here to free download.)

2. Click the "Add Title" button to locate and import your torrent movies.

3. Insert your blank DVD disc into your DVD burner drive and click the "Destination" box to choose a location on the hard drive to save the converted DVD files to.

4. Press the "Create DVD" button to start the torrent movies encoding and burning process.


Method 2 Burn Torrent Videos to DVD with Professional DVD Creator

The other most popular software to encode torrent movies DVD is DVD Creator. DVD Creator is capable of burning DVDs from both standard videos and high-definition videos. Also, it allows you to burn photo slideshow to DVD disc. The built-in DVD menu creator and video editor lets you create DVD menus and edit videos to make the most personalized DVD movies. In plain words, DVD Creator lets you burn any torrent videos to DVD with excellent quality for playing on TV. Running a Mac? DVD Creator for Mac works perfectly on Snow Leopard and Lion. Enough talking, let's see how it works. First of all, click the link below to download and install the application.


Download Windows Software Download Mac Software


Step 1 Import Torrent Movies

On the screen, under "Source" tab, you can see "Import" button. Click on it you will enter a popup window, there you may locate where your torrent files are and click on "Open" to add them into the program. Meanwhile, you can create several titles. Once imported, you can play the file on the right built-in video player.

Torrent to DVD Converter


Step 2 Customize DVD Movies (Optional)

Right next to the video thumbnail, there is a pencil button. By clicking on it, you will open the video-editing windows. Here you can crop videos, trim videos, etc. Besides, if you click on "Menu" tab you will see many different various built-in DVD templates. You may want to choose one to personalize the DVD project.

Edit Torrent Files Before Burning


Step 3 Burn Torrents to DVD Disc

Insert your blank DVD disc into your DVD drive and press on "Burn" tab. Here you can choose folder path, select DVD burner, name your DVD. Once done with every setting, click on "Burn" button and starting burning DVD from torrent files.


Then Torrent DVD Burner will do the rest and you don't need to worry about anything. Once done, the DVD disc will be ejected automatically from your DVD Burner. All done. Now you can watch the torrent movies on your home DVD player. Have fun.